Welcome to Multiple Breed Rescue!

MBR is a small group of people who try to help as many puppies and dogs that have been displaced through no fault of their own. The majority of our dogs come from Kill shelters in the state of Ohio on or around the day they are going to be euthanized to make space for more dogs. We also work with local humane officers to take dogs from homes where they are being abused or mistreated. ALL of our dogs are given all proper vet care including but not limited to spayed/neutered, all shots, heartworm tested, micro-chipped and kept on flea/heartworm prevention.

We are NOT a shelter but a foster home network so all of our dogs live in someone’s home until they can be placed in a loving FURever home. We operate 100% on volunteers and donations. We are a registered non profit 501(c) 3.

Since 2006 we have rescued over 1700 dogs in need!

Puppy Party 2014 from Multiple Breed Rescue on Vimeo.

MBR is registered with the Ohio Department of Agriculture Division of Animal Health in accordance with Ohio Revised Code 956.06 Animal Rescue License.

No person shall operate an animal rescue for dogs without first registering with the director of agriculture in accordance with rules under section 956.03 of the Revised Code. No registration fee shall be charged to an animal rescue for dogs. The director shall maintain a database of all persons that are registered to operate an animal rescue for dogs in this state.

MBR is an all-volunteer group that truly puts animals first. They work tirelessly to find forever homes for the dogs in their foster care so they can go immediately to county pounds and kennels and bring more dogs into the rescue. They tend to go for the dogs others might not want—those who are sickly, those who have been severely abused or neglected, or those who are on the “urgent” list and in danger of being put to sleep at any time. MBR doesn’t discriminate against breed or history—if a dog is in need and able to be saved, chances are good that MBR will be the group to take it in if they have available space. This group epitomizes the true nature of the word “rescue”!

This is a great rescue organization that cares so much for all of the animals and does great work. Amy and the the endless volunteers are a great asset and the outcome of adoptable pets is incredible. If you are looking for a furry friend, check out this rescue! Don’t look at breeders or pet stores that don’t support rescues. Do your research and it will pay off!