Our Volunteer Staff

Amy Hunt – President/Founder
Holly Schofield – Vice President
Lauren Jacenty – Marketing/PR Specialist
Rosie Harris – Dog Administrator
Kim Wood – Transport Coordinator and Foster home Coordinator
Fran Himel – Donation Coordinator and Event Coordinator
Marsha Daugherty – Merchandise Coordinator
Lena Smith – Volunteer Coordinator
Jenn Scott – Adoption Coordinator
Marcy Duquette – Administrator for Adopt-a-Pet
Sharon Smith – Administrator for Pet Finder
Angelica Bradac– Administrator for Rescueme.org and Website Auditor
Jill Wohlever – Chronicle Telegram Coordinator
Kelly Coffman – Adoption Follow-up Coordinator
Jennifer Dubber – Policy Documentation Writer
Tana Zimmer – Adoption Data Base Lead
Lunette Baldwin – Adoption Entry Coordinator
Emma Kiska – Twitter Specialist and Website Assistant

Ways to help


MBR is registered with the Ohio Department of Agriculture Division of Animal Health in accordance with Ohio Revised Code 956.06 Animal Rescue License. No person shall operate an animal rescue for dogs without first registering with the director of agriculture in accordance with rules under section 956.03 of the Revised Code. No registration fee shall be charged to an animal rescue for dogs. The director shall maintain a database of all persons that are registered to operate an animal rescue for dogs in this state. For questions or to verify our registration please contact Candice Miller at 614-728-6285.

Please lend a paw!

We are 100% volunteer organization, no one is paid! That means we need YOUR HELP! Become a volunteer! We need dog walkers, foster homes, driving dogs from one location to another, helpers at special events, walkers in the Woolly Bear Festival parade and much more.

Download a foster home application This is a Word (.doc) file. If you need a different file format, please Contact Us